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Welcome to Guiding for Parents and Brownies Empty Welcome to Guiding for Parents and Brownies

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WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF GUIDING ... Information Sheet for Brownies and for Parents

2nd Longtown Brownies


Our weekly meetings are designed to be fun. Brownies is still based around our 8-point programme, but if you have been involved in Guiding in the past, you may find that it looks a little different to the Brownies you may remember.

Your daughter will have the opportunity to work on badges such as Cook, Writer, Stargazer, Computer and many more. Please remember that badge work is not just for doing at Brownies! Does your daughter go swimming or horse riding? If so, could she complete her Swimmers or Riders badge? You will find out more about Badges as you browse this site.

We have a beginning and an end to our meetings. We start by singing the Brownie Song and end with Brownie Bells. We also have a monthly Pow-Wow (an American Indian name for discussion). Here the girls are asked for suggestions on what they would like to do at meetings, suggest ideas for adventures, etc.


Brownies can choose from a range of uniform: leggings, trousers, baseball cap, long and short sleeved tops, Gilet (body warmer). The uniform is designed to be “mix and match”: in order that the Brownies in the unit have some common uniform, we ask that parents also purchase the Extra Wide sash. Any Six, activity or other badges can be sewn onto the sash. For further details on where to purchase uniform please ask Cuckoo Owl.

Many brownies still choose to wear the old-style Brownie uniform, or to mix old and new.


Brownies have always been active both indoors and out. We try and give the girls a variety of activities to interest, educate and challenge them. Girls have opportunities to work towards badges, both as a unit, and at home. We meet up with other units in our District to have fun at bigger events and arrange trips of our own. We take the girls out of the meeting place regularly for farm visits, swimming, day's trips, etc. We have also arranged an Adventure Holiday for August and in June we are spending a day at New Lanark.

Older more experienced brownies may be offered the chance to become a ‘seconder’ or ‘sixer’, and are given a little more responsibility. Girls stay at Brownies until they are about 10 years old. All Brownies have the chance to go on to Guides.

SUBS (Subscriptions)

We use subs for a variety of purposes: rent of hall and purchasing badges, leaflets stationery, craft materials etc. As a registered charity, our accounts are audited annually by the District Commissioner.


This year we have received funds from a number of sources to help reduce the price of trips/holidays to parents and for crafts and computers. Financial help has been received from the Neighbourhood Forum, Co-op Trust, Cumbrian Communities Trust, Tesco Foundation, Francis C Scott and Cumberland Building Society.

An annual subscription is payable by every member of the Association to GirlGuiding, taken each year on 22nd February. The total amount levied will vary from year to year. The money collected is used for insurance, various projects within the Cumbria region etc. This amount is paid from subscriptions.

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