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Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies

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Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies Empty Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies

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Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies

Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies Browni10

We are based in Longtown, ten miles north of Carlisle. We meet once a week to have fun, games, crafts and friendship.

Although most of our Site is Members only for the Brownies to meet on-line, share activities, develop their computer skills and have fun, guests are welcome to stay a while and browse our pages that are open to all. These are all about Brownies and Girl Guiding.

All About Brownies

Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies Browni15

As Brownies we get to take part in lots of challenges and activities. We do art and crafts, cooking, go on nature walks and scavenger hunts, have quiz nights and sports days and we can earn badges too!

At various times during the term, we meet up with other Units within the District for joint meetings and activities.

We play games, sing songs, have parties and barbeques. This year the Owl Team has organised a number of trips for us and an adventure holiday. In October we will be having another pack holiday.

This year has been the Brownie Centenary and we have been fortunate to have had the support of Funders like Cumbria Community, Francis C Scott, Tesco, Cumberland Building Society and Longtown Neighbourhood Forum to buy new crafts and enjoy holidays at reduced prices to parents. – There is more about how we have been able to enhance our Brownies experiences through funding on other pages on our site.

(Partly as a result of these activities, our Unit has risen from 13 Brownies to being full!)

Brownies are for girls aged from seven to ten, it’s a chance to get together with other girls of a similar age, learn some new skills and make some new friends while having lots of fun!

Brownies meet together in a Pack, made up of small groups called Sixes. A Six is a group of friends who share activities. We have 4 sixes: Badgers, Foxes, Rabbits and Moles. Each six has a Sixer, the leader of the six, and a Second who helps the Sixer. Our Guiders are Wise Owl, Cuckoo Owl, Moon Owl and our Young Leaders are Starry Owl and Fluffy Owl

Whatever we are doing, we always have lots of fun!!!

Once we have made our Promise as a member of Girlguiding UK, we use this Salute.
Information for Parents...... (There is more information for Parents throughout our site. This is a brief summary)

Adult ratio cover in our Pack.

A Brownie Unit can take children aged between 7 and 10. Due to some new additions, our Unit is currently full and we are running a District Waiting list for Brownies.

New Brownies.

New Brownies are always welcomed. During their first few weeks they learn all about becoming a Brownie and do fun activities together to learn about making their Brownie Promise and the Brownie Story. This helps to prepare them for making their Promise.

Subscription money (Subs).

Subs help pay for hire of hall, badges, stationery and equipment. A percentage goes to the Guiding Association to cover the unit’s insurance policy and legal cover and a share of this is given to the Division, County and Regional Office without which we could not run the unit.

If, for any reason, you are unable to pay please inform one of the guiders as soon as possible in complete confidence so that we can help. Girlguiding UK will NEVER refuse a child due to hardship.

Records and forms.

Our records and permissions need to be kept up to date for insurance and legal purposes. It is also vital that we have up- to- date records of any medical conditions and contact details in case of an emergency.

Brownie Uniform.

The Brownie uniform is range of mix- and- match clothing which the girls can choose from, the uniform can purchased online at www.girlguiding.org.uk or through Cuckoo Owl who can give you details. The uniform can be worn straight away however it is not required until the Promise Celebration, after which it should be worn to all brownie meetings, events and trips unless otherwise stated.

The Promise Celebration.

This is usually done on a special occasion, and usually takes place after your Brownie has been with us a few weeks. When a Brownie makes her promise she will receive her Promise badge, unit name tape and Promise certificate.

Once we have made our Promise as a member of Girlguiding UK, we use this Salute.

Welcome to 2nd Longtown Brownies Browni14

The Brownie Programme.

When planning the programme for the term, we try to make it exciting, informative and fun as well as being a learning experience for the children. We have five Guiding Essentials to work to when putting the programme together. These are:

• Working together in small groups
• Encouraging the girls to govern themselves and to make their own decisions
• A balanced and varied programme
• Care for the individual
• A commitment to a common standard

The Eight Points of the Brownie programme are :

• Character - Brownies do their best
• Service - Brownies lend a hand
• Creativity - Brownies make things
• Relationships - Brownies are friendly
• Out-of-doors - Brownies have fun out-of-doors
• Homecraft - Brownies help at home
• Mind - Brownies are wide awake
• Physical fitness - Brownies keep healthy

Thinking Day.

Thinking Day is celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl scouts around the world on 22nd February, This date was chosen as it is the birthday of Guide and Scout founder Robert Baden- Powell. On this day we celebrate Guiding and Scouting all over the world and learn about Guiding in other countries and their cultures.

Badges and Books.

There are many Interest Badges that Brownies can achieve and we try to complete at least one each term as a pack. The girls can also work for some of the badges at school or clubs, they can have their teacher/instructor test them and complete a form for us to see.

Faith and Religion
We are a multi- faith organisation and welcome members of all faiths and celebrate festivals from all over the world while learning about different cultures.

District Events.

We try to attend at least one district event each year as this gives the girls a chance to meet up with girls from other Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Packs from other areas.

Trips and Holidays.

We try to have an outing each year, whether it is a trip to Carlisle, to New Lanark, swimming, a Sleepover or a Pack Holiday, we always have a lot of fun.

If you would like more information, or to add your daughter's name to our waiting list. Please contact us through the Community Centre at Longtown.

We have lots of fun getting out and about, learning new things and making lots of friends!

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