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Brownie Adventure

The Brownie Programme is called the Brownie Adventure. It is divided into three areas: You, Community and World.

• You
A Brownie develops her understanding of herself. She learns new skills, gains confidence and furthers her relationships with family and friends.

• Community
A Brownie develops her understanding and awareness of the communities to which she belongs. She takes part in activities to help the community and the people in it.

• World

A Brownie develops her understanding and awareness of the world in which she lives. She undertakes activities to try and improve the world and to learn about world guiding.

The programme has a balance of activities eg. fitness, arts, out-of-doors, international but the overall aim is fun and friendship.

Interest Badges

There is a wide variety of badges which a Brownie can do on her own or as a unit. Popular ones are Craft, Hostess, Friend to Animals, Agility and World Issues.

Residential opportunities

Units go away on sleepovers and holidays or even camps for older girls. This is a great opportunity for leaders and girls to get to know each other better.

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